Our guesthouse lodging.

View of our dining room and pool area at our guesthouse.

Saturday morning breakfast at the guesthouse.

Removing the old air handlers from the battery room to make room for future use.

Planning the solar panel layout on the roof of the studio.

Speaking at Radio Lumiere staff
devotional meeting Monday morning.

Laying out the first of two rooftop curbs.

Documenting the condition of the backup batteries.

Solar panel delivery.

Troubleshooting and testing equipment.

Maxon working to coax as much life out of the tired backup batteries as possible.

Setting the first solar panels in place.

Peniel and Ray.

Cutting the bars out of the way to replace the fan.

Maxon laying out the solar panel rail on the first curb.

Radio Lumiere Director Merilonne checking on progress of the project.

The LOTM and ITEC work teams.

Preparing solar panel connecting cables.

The brick masons did an outstanding job for us.

LOTM Board Chair Keith Bellesfield presents Roodly with a computer for his university studies.

Cynthia came out from the office to help paint.

Finished installation in the inverter room.

Transfer switches

Power inverter

The solar panels are working!

March 6 - 15, 2020

This project was from March 6-15 2020, at Radio Lumiere's flagship studio on Cote Plage 16, in Carrefour.  This is a suburb to the west of Port-au-Prince.

We installed a major solar power generating system to supply electricity to the studio.  This is a real Godsend as it will dramatically reduce Radio Lumiere's monthly electric and diesel fuel expenses.

We are grateful for the prayer and financial support from our many supporters.  We especially wish to thank the Gunterberg Family Foundation and SAVE for their generous financial support on this project.