Portable Water Filters

In the aftermath of the destruction Hurricane Matthew, there was a huge need for basics: food, water, shelter, and medicine. 

There were many thousands of people who were either stranded or isolated in areas that were difficult for aid to be distributed to. 

Peniel, our friend and the Chief Engineering Technician for Radio Lumiere, got on a motorcycle and attempted to travel and assess the damage in the path of the hurricane.  He quickly found that finding food and water was a major difficulty and priority for the storm survivors.

One of the ways that we attempted to help above and beyond our annual work projects was to supply portable water filters.  We obtained filters from our friends at New Hope Coalition of Bradenton, FL and passed them on to Peniel, along with instructions in Haitian Creole on how to use them. 

This was a life saver for many as it guaranteed people an opportunity to have safe water to drink while saving time traveling overland in search of safe sources of water. 

Going forward, as Peniel needs them (and on each of our work projects) we make them available for people to use.  We have distributed filters in Jacmel, Cayes/Torbeck, and Jeremie as well as in locations in between.

Natural disaster or not, they have proven to be life savers for those who have little or no access to clean, safe water or have to travel considerable distances to collect it.