Founded in 1992, Least of These Ministries is a 501(c)(3) not for profit entity recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Founder Dale Long started Least of These Ministries (LOTM) as a way to fund and support individuals and causes that helped relieve the suffering of those in need. Having a heart for missions and of compassion, he felt led to do whatever he could do to address poverty and injustice both locally and around the world. Locally LOTM became active in assisting individuals with unmet needs…Our ministry was focused on those individuals who "fell through the cracks" and didn't qualify for other forms of aid and support. We became involved in helping missionaries to readjust to life after their service had completed, and special health needs of serving missionaries world-wide. In recent years we have been very active supporting mission projects that serve people in Africa, Asia, and in especially in Haiti.

We provide support for Radio Lumiere, a national Christian radio network in Haiti. We have supported numerous large projects building towers and radio stations. At the same time we could not ignore the local needs and so we support teachers in various schools, student tuition, special medical needs, a daycare center, benches for a church, church doors and other church projects. After Hurricane Matthew we raised funds for replacing the roofs of people in southern Haiti, and funded a chicken-raising project for people who had lost their livestock.

Dale, Menelas, 2016

We also provide school materials to several rural schools and in one area have funded shoes for the children who were getting sick from walking in unsanitary places. We also have projects in Africa, including building church roofs, doors, and windows; and support for a Cambodian missionary who needed a kidney transplant. We continue our focus on unmet needs and addressing emergencies, with a primary focus on Haiti.