In 2010 we were at the FM station at Cite Lumiere, a missionary compound located north east of Le Cayes, on the Tiburon (southern) peninsula.

That year we put in a new ceiling and lights in the great room beside the studio.  We also cut out individual trusses under the roof and replaced termite-ravaged sections of them.  We also repainted the metal roof. 

Unfortunately, in October of 2016 the roof and ceiling inside was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.  The roof was replaced; however, the ceiling and lighting system was not.

On this upcoming project we plan on installing a solar power system at this location.  A second floor will be built above the parts/equipment room on the opposite side of the broadcast studio from the great room.  Our Haitian friends will build that second floor, and then we hope to install the new solar system on the roof.  If time and funding allows, we may install a replacement ceiling in the existing building.

We are praying that we will be able to obtain sufficient funding to provide all of the components for a complete working solar power system, including storage batteries, and for the supporting electrical system also. 

Would you like to join us?  Let us know!