Sunday after church we had lunch at a local restaurant in Les Cayes.

Sunday afternoon we went to the site to assess our project.

The local farmers let their cows graze in the marsh when they didn't have rice planted.

The tower pad with the destroyed tower laying in the background.

Tuning Shed

Taking the first section - the tower base - out to the pad.

First several sections laying in order of assembly.

When all else fails, consult the assembly and instruction manual.

Unrolling the "hard line" - the transmission cable that goes from the transmitter room to the tuning shed.

Annous, master tower builder.

Mason working on the area where the batteries will be installed.

Setting the base section in place.

Peniel and Lhermon

Raising the second section.

Power inverter set in place.

Teresa applying the first coat of paint.

Constructing insulator assemblies.

Stephen working on his English lesson with Teresa.

Starting the solar panel layout and installation.

Starting to lift tower section #3.

Harry working on the inverter.

Bernadette, her daughters, and her nephew.

Some of the neighborhood kids.

Much progress was made on Thursday.

The installation of this section will get the height up to 170 feet.

Last section going up for the day on Thursday.

Half of the install completed.

Keith and Roodly fabricating a bracket assembly for the rooftop control box for the solar panels.

Friday morning visitor in the guesthouse.  What happened to the one leg?

Installing solar panel rails.

Batteries in place.

Friday view of the tower.

Ray installing conduit for the electric coming from the solar panels.

Setting more solar panels in place.

Ready to send another solar panel up.

Dale and friend.

Connecting the batteries.

Solar panels are in place.

Turning Clifford into an electrician.

New hood ornament?

Teresa and Bernadette's children playing ball.

Forming a masonry curb around the solar panels.

Inverter and charge controller wiring is complete.

Battery cables all connected.

For the first time since early October 2016, power is restored.

Dale connecting the new hard line.

2018 project team.

Our fabulous guesthouse cooks.

Tower sections are all erected.  After a final set of guy wires and tuning, Radio Lumiere's Torbeck station will be back on the air in a matter of days!

Beach and ocean views along Route 2 between Saint-Louis-du-Sud and Aquin on the way to Port-au-Prince.

Beach at B&B Brise des Iles Restaurant, National Route 2.

Arrival at Hibiscus House, near the airport in Port-au-Prince for our last overnight before flying home.

We look forward to visiting this guest house again in the future.

March 17 - March 26, 2018

We installed a replacement tower and solar power generating system at the Hurricane Matthew damaged AM station outside of Torbeck.

We arrived in Port-au-Prince Saturday evening and drove late into the night to Les Cayes.  After church and lunch on Sunday, we visited the site for the first time to assess our project.

From Monday through the following Saturday we completed Phase 2 of the project--get the tower erected, get the solar power system installed, and get a fresh coat of paint on most of the interior of the transmitter room.

Phase 1, done by a team from Germany, got the new concrete tower anchors installed.  Phase 3 is the actual tuning of the new tower, and within a few days the AM station was back on the air.